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Optimal care for your laundry

Ramassage du linge à domicile

Home laundry collection

We collect your laundry directly from the place and time that suits you. You just have to give us your address and the time you want to give us your laundry and we will take care of the rest !

Lavage écologique de votre linge

Ecological washing of your laundry

We take care of washing your laundry, guaranteeing the use of very effective and Ecolabel-certified washing products, which are both respectful of the environment and of your clothes.

Repassage de votre linge

Drying, ironing and packing

Once clean, your laundry is dried, ironed and packaged, respecting the materials of your clothes. The packaging we use is, of course, 100% recyclable.

Livraison du linge propre à votre domicile

Home delivery of clean laundry

As soon as everything is ready, we guarantee the delivery of your clean laundry to the place and time agreed upon when picking up your order.

low energy consumption washing machines

Your laundry has never been so clean !

The machines we use have an anti-allergen program which allows laundry to be sanitized by diffusing hot air at high temperature, thus eliminating 95 % of pollens, 100 % of mites and 99,9 % of bacteria. Furthermore, throughout the washing process, we only use certified A+++, energy efficient, quality equipment. So don’t hesitate any longer!